This is a great question and I’ve been asked it three different times now. So I want to be open and honest about why I have a blog:

  1. Inform Others
  2. Promote Myself
  3. Pitch
  4. Self Improvement

There may be other reasons but these are the four main reasons why I blog. I don’t think I have to explain my answer too much more, but I guess I should.

First, I want to answer peoples’ questions and share the knowledge I have learned. I spend several hours each week reading, learning, and failing. From this I learn so much about marketing and business and the best thing I can do is help others. I think it is better for our society to help one another and improve everyone’s situation. I also look forward to others helping me in return when I need the help or advice. This is the biggest reason I want to blog and share what I have learned.Thank you for all the questions and help

I get a few e-mails each week from people who are on my blog and have more questions. Some odd questions come my way as well. I always enjoy them and try to answer them as completely as I can. I also refer people to the right places or books to get more information. I’m always happy to help and not bill you at the end of the month.

The second and third reason I blog go together and many bloggers don’t talk about this. I have a job and need to make money. I have to promote myself. I am always looking to help more businesses on a contract bases. I understand some people don’t want to talk about money and don’t talk about making money on their blog.

I blog to get more traffic to my website and hopefully find business owners to work with. Like any website I am looking to find people to purchase my services or book. I enjoy helping businesses and this is what my blog and work is all about. I put my all into my art form which is marketing and entrepreneurship. I help dozens of businesses and I’ve gotten the opportunity to make it my career.

Now, when I talk about self-improvement when blogging many people think I’m odd. I think blogging is a great way to define exactly what I actually know. Figuring out what I don’t. Writing is a great way to identify what skills I have and to express that. I also get corrected occasionally which is great and look forward to it.

“Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.” – Pat Conroy, My Reading Life –

I also get the chance to tell people what I think and feel and that is helpful to me personally. No one can bottle up those things. Some people may call it a rant, but I call it speaking my mind. Which is a good thing to me and I’m told from others that it’s helped them as well. In the end, I hope this is helpful to you and give you an idea of why I do all this in the most honest way that I can.

Why do you blog? Put it in the comments below!


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