personal brandingOne brand is great and two is better. While many businesses need a brand to differentiate themselves they can have two that work together as partners. The second brand should be the person behind the business. It may not be the founder or president of the business. If should be whoever is the face of it.

Your community probably has a business owner that has just as much credibly and brand development behind themselves as their business. You can also guess that their business is doing well for itself. This is because people and customers can associate two separate brands to the same business. Different people prefer to connect with one over the other and this helps you obtain more customers because you are attracting different personas.

Your personal brand and statement should be independent of your business while still associating yourself with it. You can be the president or inventor and still be known for what you do in your career.

This is done because people can identify a persons career and expertise separate from their job position. The face of your business can be known as a great inventor and utilize that personal brand to market the business they work for.

Consider Richard Branson at Virgin or any of the investors on Shark Tank for a moment and how their personal brands and business brands work together. Richard is known as the founder and owner of Virgin and know as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. The investors on Shark Tank have many businesses and yet their personal brands bring substantial value to every business they decide to work with. The value of their personal brand alone can make a business successful.

The notoriety of person goes beyond just the business and its brand. The personal brand of the individual helps bring awareness and credibility to the business itself. This is how you can use a personal brand for a business.

To build a personal brand you need to build influence and credibility separate from your business. Give a presentation on a topic of your industry without pushing the business you own or work for. This will not only build your personal brand, but it makes you look less salesy. Create a personal brand statement separate from your business and live up to it.

“Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.” Sir Richard Branson, CEO Virgin

Richard Branson is a wonderful example of someone you has developed a personal brand and uses it in growing Virgin. Most of you are not running billion dollar companies. I recommend looking someone in your community like I mentioned earlier. Consider how they accomplished such a notable personal brand and take note. Don’t think its something that not achievable. Its something that takes time to develop and hone. Often taking years to get to a point that others notice.

Ways to Create a Separate Personal Brand:

  • Create and develop a personal website
  • Create content for your personal social media profiles like LinkedIn
  • Offer value to community organizations
  • Write articles or ask for interviews from local publishers
  • Remain a long-term learner of your industry and pass that knowledge on
  • Let people see you at events and networking opportunities

Your path will be uniquely different from other people because your in a different industry and likely have different personality traits. Less outgoing people might have to be creative with how the face the public. Not matter how you develop you brand you want to make sure its separate from your business while still being a partner. Take the opportunity to become that influential person in your community with a unique and strong personal brand.

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