Yes, content is king in marketing. Sharing other people’s content does you little to no good. Strategically sharing content can save time and money, but doing it all the time doesn’t have a high enough ROI. I hear that social media isn’t giving small businesses as good of a return compared to years earlier. This is true. Because people actually have to know how to use social media to get anything out of it. The majority of content I see shared is from websites like Entrepreneur or tools like Klout. Now, I do use these sites, but more importantly I create my content to share. Why? Because your own content is always better!

You will get so much more out of sharing a photo of your workplace or a blog you created. People want to connect with small business in their community. Take this opportunity and engage with them by sharing original content. Taking a picture of people working or share an interesting story at work. It’s extremely interesting to customers because they are in interested in the story. Your story. 

Joey Gedgand and Sylvester Chisom

Sylvester Chisom and Joey Gedgaud

I look through analytics on all of my social media pages and I have found that unique content does far better than sharing others. Huge companies will get lots of likes or shares for boring content because people like the company, not the post. In addition, they are using numbers in their favor. Most small businesses have a few thousand followers if their lucky. They won’t get engagement with static content that someone else made. Sharing a good article is nice from time to time. Doing this all the time will bore your audience and they will eventually learn to skip your posts.

You need to create new and interesting content. Maybe your workplace has an interesting tradition or event. Share this. I local company takes pictures of all the new employees wearing this funny hat. It gives them recognition in the community and customers love seeing it. It takes a camera which everyone has and a minute of your time. It’s not like it takes much more time than sharing content.

Now, I hear a few people out their saying they have a boring product or service. Accountants and cabinet makers alike think they have this problem. Customers are still interested in your business story, employees, and advice. You can write your own blog or posts. Stop thinking small and create content on your own.

Content ideas: 

  • Photos of Workplace
  • Photos of Employees
  • Story of the Day
  • Blog Posts
  • New Products
  • Interesting Events
  • Meeting New People
  • Photos of you Volunteering
  • Customer Quotes or Testimonial
  • Create Polls or Questionnaires
  • Behind the Scenes Photos
  • Fan and Customer Photos
  • Favorite Books
  • Advice and Recommendations
  • Promote Other Businesses
  • Sneak Peaks
  • Polls
  • Endless Opportunity…

This list of ideas took less than two minutes to come up with. These types of original content will create raving fans on your Facebook or Twitter page. If you think you don’t get anything from Facebook than you should stop re-posting other people’s content and create your own. It will return ten fold for the time you put into it. Stop making excuses like you don’t got the time. We both know you got a few minutes a day to leverage your community to make your business succeed. Just give your customers some fun and original content to help yourself in the long-term.

Got some more ideas for original content? Comment below!

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