Does everyone in your area know about your small business? No! It’s a simple problem that takes some complex publicity to get you out of obscurity. This doesn’t mean you can make progress in this area of your business. People unaware of your business is killing your profits┬ámore than anything else.

Local media love the local businesses, which means they will help you in your efforts to get attention. Your business needs to come up with a unique promotional event to get attention. Take the opportunity that the local media gives to let your community know. Every business needs some special and different to stand out in a packed community of business both big and small.

Downtown Fargo Fargo Businesses getting Attention

I can’t give you the perfect idea for your unique business. Every business needs something different and that fits their business plan and goals. This doesn’t mean I am without ideas. Your business can hold free event days where you host a local organization or non-profit. Give away free products or services, have unique sales and promotions, one time offers or products, outrageous offers, or a free e-book. Make an outrageous video or ad that sticks out from all the others. You don’t need to focus on sales all the time. Getting potential customers’ attention can be reflected in your sales.

Focus on Attention, Not Sales!

You need something unique and different to succeed in your marketplace. People want to know about your business because you offer something they want. Hold a special event at your business and offer free products and stand out in your community. Break away from the old days of running your business and try something new.

A local business owner that I know wrote a book and answered the many questions he gets from customers. He is not a known author or do it to make a living from. He did it to get HUGE attention and grow his business. He can non say he is a publisher and he stands out from many of his competitors. it didn’t cost him a fortune or a huge amount of time out of his schedule. He did that he knew how to do and it has helped many of his customers and people he never met before. It is ideas like this that every business owner can do to better their situation.

Get HUGE attention for your Business to Succeed!

The only thing that is stopping your business from growing is the people in your community that don’t know you exist. Take action and continuously try something new to make HUGE attention for your small business.

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  • EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!! As the owner of a new downtown Fargo business that is centered in electronics repair this is something I haven’t done to my fullest extent. I know I need to but finding the time to organize this is a challenge having only a small team of 2. Hopefully I will be able to put together some “must attends” for not only media members but potential customers as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

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