Most powerful marketing tool availableI’m always looking for the newest marketing tools to help me and my business. I try to stay ahead on the newest trends and technology. I also find some things work better than others. The newest tool I’ve got is the best by far and has boosted me and my business the most. It has gotten me in front of more potential clients and done me the most good. I think this powerful tool with be one of the best I have. What marketing tool you ask? My smartphone! 

I’ve had some crazy complex marketing tools and systems and software before. My smart phone is by far the best. The main reason is it goes everywhere with me and it has so many functions built into it. Most business owners might not think of it as a marketing tool, but when they figure it out they will kill their market. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Samsung or Apple fan, because they all do the same things when it comes down to function.

One of the biggest suggestions I have for small businesses on social media is to create original content. Most posts I see these days are people sharing stuff other people made. This won’t do you any good. This doesn’t show people how you are unique and different. Others brands content doesn’t show how you stand out from your competition. It doesn’t build you a brand! 

You have to share your story and create a brand for yourself. This is the why the smart phone can be the best marketing tool possible. The last 1 Million Cups event I was at for entrepreneurs I took a picture and sent out a tweet that got huge attention. It was original content that has personality! 

This sounds really stupid to some people, but I’m absolutely serious when I tell you that your smart phone is the best marketing tool. Especially when it comes to social media. I am seriously tired of people sharing the same old sterile content that tells me nothing about your business and what you stand for. Marketing is a story. People want to know about you and your business and this includes your opinions.

A smart phone lets you share ideas, images, and short videos with ease wherever you are. This is powerful! 

Besides all the access to social media you have access to information and data collection. You can find any fact you want and this is powerful when it comes to B2B marketing. I am always finding new businesses and if I can know more about them I have a better understand of their needs. This leads to me helping them and landing them as a client. A smart phone gives me that ability I would otherwise not have.

I can also collect information about businesses, customers, or products when I’m out and about. Gathering information on competitors and as customers is important. As long as you don’t look like your creeping you can write notes and take pictures with ease. You would be surprised by the usefulness of this if you know how to use it correctly.

With millions of apps, functions, and abilities the smart phone is your more powerful marketing tool you can have as a business owner or even an employee. Come up with new ideas and possibilities to improve your businesses marketing on the go.


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