Capturing Your Next
Job, Client, Date, or Friend

How to create a personal brand and accomplish
your next goal through action

The basis of this book is to help you create a brand and utilize the three steps to accomplish your goals. You first need to have the right mindset or passion to actually accomplish these goals. You need the knowledge to know how and lastly you need the drive and plan to take action. I don’t have any magic secrets or tricks. This is about the three steps you need to take to accomplish what you want out of your life. The steps or process that I will use throughout this book include:

Mindset > Knowledge > Action

I don’t have these steps in a fancy formula or have them all start with the same letter. I don’t want to have 8 steps to success or something that rhymes so it sounds better than it actually is. This is simply the process that I used over the years to help myself and others to carry out their goals through brand development.

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I have had several clients give comments and suggestions for my new book. I would like for you to comment on the title and content that you would like to see. This book is made for you and you should have an input!


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