Jake Clark and John Schneider co-founded Fargo 3D Printing to become the trusted source for the 3D printing needs of schools, businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. They provide 3D printer sales, service, and support for people both locally and nationally. Enveloped in the next generation of manufacturing and prototyping to all.

Why am I telling you this? Jake and John are the prefect example of millennial entrepreneurs taking risk and doing what their passionate about. They started a business in their community and went against the grain of many people’s opinion about this generation.

Millennial Entrepreneurs Create the Jobs for Tomorrow

Millennial Entrepreneurs Infographic

People have a lot to say about the younger generations who are entering the workforce. These millennials, age 18-35, are much more than people make them out to be. They aren’t lazy, texting, squirrels as some may say. We are a generation that is talented, smart and eager to get things done when a challenge arises. A generation that is persistent and more successful .

Every generation bashes the next. My grandma bashed my parents’ generation and my parents bashed mine. This will continue to happen because it is human nature. This is truly uninformed opinion that holds no fact. The fact is the next generation is smarter, learn more, and get more done. We are the generation making the new businesses that change the world for the better.

Sure, we have a few unsuccessful or unmotivated people, but every generation does.  This does not call for negative opinions casually made on our generation. Negativity has no part in our success. The generations above us should support us because we are responsible for the future.

The millennial generation is creating a better society, more economic stability, and are more climate conscious. This means more social entrepreneurship and global perspectives in part because our generations’ education and our abundant traveling.

“Three-fourths of millennials ages 20 to 35 responding to an online survey said they had donated money to charity in 2011, and 63 percent said they’d spent time volunteering.” – Huffingtonpost – 

The millennial entrepreneurs are creating the jobs of the future in a more conscious way. Jobs that support everyone in more ways than we can imagine. Millennials are more aware of social changes and economic growth. Yet, still paying attention to charities and organizations more than the earlier generations. Others may have doubt but its people like Jake and John that are changing the world for the better and striving for success as millennial entrepreneurs.


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