Are you wondering how social media websites can benefit your small business? Simple answer…free marketing and advertising!

I assume you’re wondering exactly what social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can do for you business. Some people see it as wasting time, not getting sales, and having no one listen. Well, this might be true if you’re not aware of what Facebook can offer. Many social media platforms. including Facebook, have unique tools and offer the ability to interact with people and your potential customers in a new way.

Before we start, you need to know your own businesses’ goals which may include:

  • Product awareness
  • Building a community
  • Educate customers
  • Increase your reach
  • Provide customer service
  • Show your experienced and knowledgeable
  • Long-term increase in sales

Secondly, as a business owner, Facebook is not just a place to put up junk and self promotion. This means not just trying to sell your product all the time. You want to add valuable content to your community of customers. Share valuable content to help people, make customers laugh, inspire, and teach them. They will return with kindness and buy your product or service.

Remember to also follow the 80/20 rule when posting…

80% content/20% promotion

F-M Facebook Users - Social Media for small businessBesides posting valuable content you need to make conversation. Reaching out to people and answering questions is the most valuable part of Facebook and other social media. You can also ask questions and maybe even offer new products that your customers want.

Getting into the business part of Facebook has a lot of powerful tools for your business. You can promote things to people who like a specific band, business, or organization. You can advertise to your ideal customer both locally and nationally. The tools for your business is endless.

Some of these tools may not be intuitive but the time is worth it the investment. There is no real exact ROI that any person can give. But that isn’t what social media is all about. Facebook isĀ as an engaging platform designed to share content to grow your business and brand.

You value your business and every part of it is worth the time and the long run. Set a few minutes aside and enjoy that time to engage and interact with your customers.


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