Working with businesses and organizations in Fargo-Moorhead, I get similar questions about marketing and business services. Below are the most common questions that I have received to date.

What is the difference between advertising and marketing?

Advertising is a type of marketing communication that is generally paid for and is a non-personal form of promotion. Marketing is the macro view of strategy and planning that involves several imperative ideas and principles to create a guiding force for the business. Adverting is only a small part of the marketing mix. Marketing firms over see and help with more than just the advertising of a business. Consulting often times covers parts of the business including target markets, communications, direction and positioning, marketing offers, customer value, differential advantage, selectivity, and concentration.

What is internet marketing and how is it different?

Internet marketing or online marketing is a part of marketing that focusing on the web, social media, and e-mail. Internet marketing is commonly used in conjunction with traditional form of marketing. Internet marketing is used to reach a wider audience in more geographic locations compared to previous marketing tools. This form of marketing also includes sub categories of search engine optimization, online reputation management, websites, blogs,  social media, e-mail, and video.

Why do I need marketing for my small business?

Even successful business need marketing because it is a long-term strategy to grow a business. Planning ahead is extremely important for long-term success. Marketing is an ongoing process for a business and not just when they need it. Many companies and small businesses make the mistake of focusing on marketing only when they are in desperate need to increase revenue. This is often times too late to consider marketing. Plan ahead and focus on marketing even if you don’t regard it as vitally important when.

Why should a hire a marketing firm?

Many large businesses hire in-house staff to manage and control their marketing efforts. Although these businesses still, like small businesses, hire marketing firms because of the expertise, knowledge, and resources they would otherwise not have access too. Marketing firms invest in software, tools, and staff that many business would not have the ability to purchase or obtain. In addition, it is common for a business to need an outside point of view who may have a different perspective.

When should I consider getting consulting services?

Business hire marketing and business consultant for various reasons. Many business hire consults when problems arise or projects are not being completed. Although consultants may not able to fix the problems they are used as a temporary guide to a business with a strong foundation. They are generally very costly and are not effective for creating the foundation of your business. They are used to help grow a business faster and more efficiently than before. Consultants bring expertise and an outside perspective to help find problems and suggest solutions. Getting a consultant at various times when growing your business is useful because every business has vulnerabilities and lacks resources in select areas of a business.

Why are marketing and business consultants so expensive?

Many business and marketing consultants charge between $50-10,000 per hour depending on their experience and knowledge. In general, you get what you pay for when it comes to consultants. Hiring a consultant to solve a key problem can help save your business or increase revenues drastically. This means they are worth the cost you invest in a good consultant for your business. Consultants come with skill expertise, real world experience, prompt attention, focus, and sometimes guarantees (upon both parties meeting agreed upon expectations). Overall, a business hires a consultant at a rate which is financially beneficial when the business can profit more than the cost of the consultant after the problem is solved.

How do I know I am getting results?

We will show you! We will show you analytics and summaries on all of our projects so you know exactly what you’re getting and your results. We offer monthly and quarterly reports and a dashboard for your to view results. This data along with your accounting or financial reports can give you an ROI of our projects. Feel free to calculate and decide if our results are beneficial to your business long-term. We want you to succeed so we can have a long-lasting partnership together.

When should I expect results?

Although results from various marketing projects may vary, it is commonly seen in long-term sales. Although, marketing strategies and goals may differ and results may not be directly tied to revenue and sales of a business (social and environmental goals). In general, most results should be seen between 1-6 months of the project with some being longer. Reputation and branding are two examples of projects that are continuous projects with long-term results. Marketing is a way of investing in your business for long-term growth and sustainability.

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