college hangoutFor many years, people have been telling youth to go to college and get a degree because it will get them a job. In some ways this is correct but in many other ways this is not. College is not about getting a degree. The degree is worth nothing. For many college students, they never learned this simple concept until they had a degree and nothing to do with it.

Its like the broad game that many of us played when we were younger with the two paths. One path was to get a job and the other college. Most people took the college path to get a better job. In the real world we choose what job and career we want first and then the path.

So, instead of picking what degree you want, you should figure out what job you want and figure out what path is the best. This may or may not include college and there is nothing wrong with that. Hard work is hard work and it is no different then a job that requires special qualifications. This means a lawyer is just as important and dignified as a heavy machine operator.

“You didn’t need a college degree to become one of the people who knew what was really going on. If you paid attention, you could pick things up on your own.” – Jeannette Walls –

I do agree that college can help you figure things out about yourself and to try new things in life. By all means you can consider college one big learning experience. But, college is an expense and a burden if you waste it away. You could have skipped it and been at a better place in your career and still learn those life lessons. I know of too many bank tellers with biology degrees to not point out this simple fact.

You can spend those valuable years of your life getting experience in the career or job you dream instead of college. It comes down to what you want to do in life. You don’t NEED a degree to become a writer, artist, marketer, programmer, or own a business. Only a few jobs require an education or license, but this is much less then you might think and what other people make it out to be.

So, figure out the job or career you want first. This means you shouldn’t go to college and pick a degree because you think it might be interesting. Your parents might have said that college is all about the degree but they aren’t necessarily correct. Once you’ve figured out what career, talk to people and learn as much as you can about getting into your field and figure out if college is the best choice for you and you future.

“I’m a man of leisure. That’s because I have an English degree and can’t get a job.
” –  Jarod Kintz –


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  • Lauren K says:

    I need all the help I can get when it comes to college. It’s a scary thing when you have no idea what you are doing. I enjoyed reading your views and I will keep in touch so I can ask you some further questions!

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