Massive Amounts of Free Marketing

Free marketing for your business sounds great, but it requires some hard work and out of the box thinking. I know every business wants an endless amount of customers and spend nothing. Sorry, but it’s not that easy. You have to work hard to get customers and implement a marketing strategy. This being said there are ways to get a […]

Quantity Over Quality

Everyone says quality is so much better than quantity, but this isn’t always true. I do agree there are times that quality matters more, but most of the time it slows you down. In business you should probably start with quantity over quality just to get going. Starting with real quality content is rare, because very few people come out of […]

Marketing in a Bubble

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging value to your customers. Thinking that you can do that though one outlet means you are limiting your bubble. You want to get results from your marketing, but how can you if your limiting yourself?
What do I mean?
I see businesses, flea marketing, and individuals who use only one or two ways […]

Seizing the Opportunity

I was recently given the opportunity to work with a start-up in Fargo. Although there is a huge amount of risk and I’m definitely not getting paid a lot. I was also told by a few people to not take the opportunity because of those reasons. The opportunity that I have is unlimited. Does the opportunity that I have out […]

Why Do I Blog?

This is a great question and I’ve been asked it three different times now. So I want to be open and honest as to why I have a blog:

Inform Others
Promote Myself
Self Improvement

There may be other reasons but these are the four main reasons why I blog. I don’t think I have to explain my answer too much more, but I […]