Informational Websites Are Fading

As the internet evolves with the needs of people and new technology it will adapt and change. As we hit the end of 2015, there is a clear change in customer behavior. Informational websites that many small businesses depend on are vastly underused by customers. It is clear that websites that don’t have a specific tool or resource are not being […]

Why Create Personal Brand Outline

Your personal brand is the one thing that can help you accomplish the most in your career and personal life. Brands aren’t just for businesses. Everyone has a personal brand, but few truly extract the value out of it. Consider what celebrities do to become famous in the first place. Many, if not all, have a unique personal brand and use […]

New Book Coming Early 2016

Capturing Your Next
Job, Client, Date, or Friend
How to create a personal brand and accomplish
your next goal through action
The bases of this book is to help you create a brand and utilize the three steps to accomplish your goals. You first need to have the right mindset or passion to actually accomplish these goals. You need the knowledge to know how […]

Businesses Need To Build Reputation in 2015

Over the past year, there is one critical factor that I found every business consistently lacked management over. Every business needs to focus on their reputation this upcoming year. The internet is allowing every business to grow or succeed using reviews, social media, and reputation. Business need to use this to their advantage and take control of their reputation.

Reputation is the value or […]

What Psychology Has to Do With Business

I’m fascinated by the topic of psychology and its implications on business and economics. Often times refereed to in business as consumer behavior and something I specialized my degree in. Understanding your customers and how they think has a direct relation with your bottom line. Market research, human resources, and marketing all have a relation in some way to the […]

Small Businesses Creating Effective Content

Yes, content is king in marketing. Sharing other people’s content does you little to no good. Strategically sharing content can save time and money, but doing it all the time doesn’t have a high enough ROI. I hear that social media isn’t giving small businesses as good of a return compared to years previous. This is true. Because people actually […]

Massive Amounts of Free Marketing

Free marketing for your business sounds great, but it requires some hard work and out of the box thinking. I know every business wants an endless amount of customers and spend nothing. Sorry, but it’s not that easy. You have to work hard to get customers and implement a marketing strategy. This being said there are ways to get a […]

One Page Business Plan Exercise

When consulting for businesses, the first thing I ask owners to do is write their business plan on one page. This tells me two things:

Have they burned their business plan into their memory?
Can they make it as simple and precise as possible?

Most business owners can’t do this exercise well and this is where many problems start. You need to understand […]