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I am a passionate marketing consultant and award winning entrepreneur in Fargo, ND. I work with businesses and organizations to help them with their passions and dreams. I have worked with a variety of businesses over the past several years to build their success with my marketing and entrepreneurship experience. As a marketing consultant I also enjoy answering questions and being a part of unique businesses and organizations.

I am currently an Internet Marketing Consultant at Presto Marketing Group which offers an effective way for you to connect with your ideal customer online and in your local area.

Presto Marketing Group Marketing and Consulting Agency

  Presto Marketing Group specializes in:

Social Media Management-Video Marketing-Online Local Marketing

Presto Marketing Group utilizes a combination of:

  • Website Development
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Applications
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct response
  • Marketing Consultation
  • and SEO

Presto Marketing Group is a marketing and consulting agency based in Fargo, ND. We are unique because we will sit down and have a comprehensive conversation with you about your business to create a campaign tailored for you. This is designed to create a unique and strong online presence which makes it easier for you to reach your  target market and your target audience. All while professionally representing your brand and your name in everything we do. Additionally, we have been marketing online for nearly two decades!

I attend NDSU and I am getting a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in Sociology. This degree gives me the opportunity to become a marketing consultant for businesses and accomplish many goals in life. I enjoy learning and looking for new opportunities in this part of my life. I go to NDSU because its my way of getting future opportunities and that’s what college is all about. College is to get a job and start a career, not a degree. I am also an involved member of Entrepreneurs of NDSU.

Support organizations you care about like 4-H and Nokomis Child Care Center!

Outside of my work I am major volunteer and supporter of 4-H, Nokomis Child Care Center, United Blood Services, First Lego League, and The Village for Families and  Children. I am an adult volunteer and teacher for Clay County 4-H and putting in hundreds of hours over the years. I am also a mentor and volunteer for Lego Warriors Clay County 4-H FLL.

Joey Gedgaud receiving the Distinguished Entrepreneurship Academy Award from Barry D. Batcheller

Distinguished Entrepreneurship Academy Award from Barry D. Batcheller

As a marketing consultant & entrepreneur in the Fargo-Moorhead, I am ecstatic to be surrounded by an expanding business center. I get the opportunity as a marketing consultant to help and be a part of many up and coming businesses and organizations. Fargo is a unique area that has a combination of characteristics that make it a perfect catalyst to grow and develop businesses and entrepreneurs. Fargo has several colleges, hospitals, and healthcare institutions which is a strong indicator of our future growth. It is a place where many economic variables come together to make it a nurturing hub for start-ups.

No matter the changing economic status; many businesses will bring wealth to the area for years to come. Downtown Broadway Fargo, ND This means that Fargo is a great place to own a business and try new entrepreneurial based businesses. This environment means it is easier for people to take risks and start their dream business. Adding to this there is a low cost of living, low unemployment, and strong economy.

Fargo, ND has a wide variety of cultural opportunities. You can notice this by seeing all the new restaurants, theaters, growing art presence, unique boutiques, recreation areas, variety of museums, and small businesses in the area. I look forward to living in this growing hub in Fargo, ND area and suggest starting your own business in Fargo-Moorhead.

Contact: Joey Gedgaud
Email: joeygedgaud@gmail.com
Phone: 701-541-9634
Address: 115 10th St N Moorhead, MN 56560

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